Capsule Park

The residential complex Artville is being built in the middle of a field outside Odesa. To determine the problems that may befall those who are planning to live in it, we interviewed the residents of the already-built complex “7th Sky”. We found out that the chief problem is the lack of public activities and the conflicts between residents because they do not have enough public spaces to spend their free time.


In the Artville yard project, we set ourselves the task of developing as many various activities as possible and arranging a distinct space for each of them to prevent conflict between residents. The project concept came from the slope between the houses, which makes the space in the middle of a monotonous field more enjoyable.


We extended the slope along the entire yard to the kindergarten building and combined it with the roof. In this way, we divided the whole territory of the yard into two alleys and made the space ratio more human-scale.


The continuous slope was divided into separate units identical for each construction stage. This way, we made passageways to establish a convenient connection between the first commercial floors.


We filled the slopes with cylindrical spaces designed for different activities. Each activity was positioned within one circle, thereby solving the problem of conflict between multiple groups of residents.


The space was distributed so that there were activities of different functions and loudness on each slope. Residents can modify the zoning during the complex construction depending on their needs.


Various activities were arranged in certain circles. Residents can choose the preferred activities from the catalogue or come up with new ones at workshops and joint meetings, creating and changing them on their own.

Visualisations provided by the customer

October 2018

Project was made with "Agents of Change"

Maksym Holovko
Daryna Lysytska
Marharyta Hohun
Svieta Konopliova

Yura Granovsky
Roman Dyma

Andrii Batin

Development company ZEZMAN