Circle — a line of street objects

We have created a line of street objects and based on this project we are launching a free online course. In this course we will tell in detail the whole process of developing the design of the objects, their testing, manufacturing and installation, so that everyone can learn how to create urban objects. The first benches have already been set up in the Square of Intellectuals on Gonchar Street.

High bench

The bench consists of 12 sectors, which can also be installed separately. Assembled in a circle, it creates a large flower bed inside. The bench has a wide wooden seat and a comfortable table behind it. The bottom of the bench, its back and the back wall are made of recycled plastic plates.

Low bench

The bench without a back has even more space for sitting, and if you want, you can even lie down comfortably on it. The bench also gathers lines up in a circle and creates a flower bed inside, but due to the symmetrical design it can now be assembled into other forms with much more space for landscaping.


A recycled bin with recycled plastic walls completes the idea of the value of sorted garbage. After all, it shows that in fact reality it can be a valuable resource from which useful things are made for citizens and the environment.


All objects of the line are made of metal frame with black powder coating, wooden boards made of oak and slabs of recycled plastic.

Black and green

Blue and yellow

White and blue

White and red

Oak coated with Danish oil

Black powder paint


Together with "Ukraine without garbage" on the basis of their sorting station, we launched a workshop to create plates from recycled plastic. We became the first partner and customer of UWG, started collecting lids, then sorted them by color, crushed and remelted into plastic plates.

The main element of this workshop was a thermo table, in which the crushed plastic melts and takes the form of a plate of the required thickness. It was made in the workshop "Precious Plastic" in Odessa, led by Eugene Khlebnikov, who was one of the first to launch the global movement "Precious Plastic" in Ukraine.

The project was made by

Project manager
Maksym Holovko

Olena Melnyk

Maryna Radynska

Andriy Batin

Malsym Humeniuk

Anna Babak